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Team News The W-o-X under new management

networkingSince our last sponsor is sadly left United States and that we still have confidence donations to stay the WOX, I Eiri Yuki UseGui aka Kira Yuki determined the World-of-Xtreme one year trial basis to relinquish to a decent friend from the new boards owner. Since i used to be bored with having to look at for therefore long with like W-o-X sinks into the computer network.
7272But i’ll continue you’re and take a look at the W-o-X to stay it alive as spreaders Admin aside. However, it’s if nothing changes, the Forum finish 2012 sold or utterly deleted, since the price I can’t carry alone.
On behalf of the new owner, WHO will definitely and picture within the course of the day here login itself, i’d say that here some modification thinks about that the structure and management. As Roi has already written within the shoutbox you had enough time to report back to you necessary things to talk ar to stay. Since there was no reaction, we’ve got already created some changes that don’t seem to be nevertheless complete.
We hope that we will do thereupon initial leap into a more robust life and forums with the new approach to succeed in over with the past.
Should raise exist concerning this news, thus you’ll be able to post them happy.
verything else you’ll be able to learn then from our new forum house owners.

 networkTeam News W-o-X im Social Network

Hello friends and fans of World of Xtreme times we’ve got developed USA some hope and then on a lot ofUSAers with us. we have a tendency toarcurrently to be found in social networking network on Twitter and Facebook. (Available on the portal) it might be nice if that take the likes of Button to the center, soconjointly see what happens.
 Announcement: Team News lifetime of World-of-Xtreme
As you recognize, we have a tendency to use the WOX AN account with AllInkl.de that so provides nice service and responsibility U.S.. As long as we have a tendency to had a server Rent on this Hoster to long solely I fault the Board destruction created (Unintentionally>. <) And not the server itself as funpic or wherever we have a tendency to were additional choices. However, these blessings Tasted even cash (80 € yearly) that could be a sponsor took over (which nen quite hassle will as a result of nothing goes on>. <). however what i am wish is this:
computer-networkOur sponsor is currently within the hospital and is not even younger.
The finance ministers of my sponsor currently has ever asked Pine Tree State here to launch AN charm so everything is settled case (I hope not) is not any longer our sponsor.
To bring it to the purpose ,, we have a tendency to from west-o-X would be happy terribly donations round the live of to W-o-X secure. Of course, these square measure voluntary and in your discretion. although there square measure solely a couple of Euros would the WOX greatly facilitate to survive.
3857109-computer-network-connection-conceptTo assist within the W-O-X, there square measure some possibilities:
1 .: The Premien User

2 .: Paypa & Bank

All financial entries square measure in fact the government minister of my sponsors and Listed Managed so nothing will get hands privately.

If surpluses incurred in donations, thus this sweepstakes and competitions square measure utilized in the board. thus it will happen once, command a contest wherever you as a cool WOX shirt or alternative profits will.

People who Monthly donations or User for Premium Decide receive as a bonus a special mail address from Weiterleitungs– world-of-xtreme.com (e.g .: benutzername@world-of-xtreme.com).

We at the W-o-X wish U.S. NOT the donations Enrich, they serve entirely to measure on the Forum’s.

We thanks ever for the useful support and need you an excellent and Langen keep here in


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